Astonishment Transformation

Maria Viftrup

02.11.19 – 15.12.19



This autumn, Augustiana Art Gallery will feature the first solo show by the artist and designer Maria Viftrup. Her exhibition, CURIOUS CHANGE will occupy the beautiful rooms of the White Mansion and feature her sensuous, compelling, awe-inspiring works.

Maria Viftrup collects and systematises things that we often do not see or appreciate, such as horizontal compositions of colour in residential neighbourhoods or abandoned rubbish, providing us with an opportunity to feel and touch an unknown material. In her works, which she also refers to as ‘archives’, she utilises materials, colours and experiences to pave the way for curiosity and debate about our relationship with the world’s resources.

Playfully, she will invite visitors to join her in the creation of Temporary Archive of Object Ecosystems, a work comprising sculptures made from bioplastic elements. The exhibition also features a collection of 208 test tubes filled with pigments, which Viftrup has extracted from powdered waste, photos of detached houses and a series of drawings entitled Municipal Whims, a tribute to Road and Park employees, town planners and garden owners.

The works in the exhibition are sensuous and thought provoking, providing subject matter for conversations about the world that surrounds us and the future that awaits us.

During the run of the exhibition, Viftrup will hold workshops in which the audience will co-create a number of sculptures that will then form part of Temporary Archive of Object Ecosystems. The sculptures will be composed of figurative elements cast in bioplastic: a plastic-like material not unlike wine gums, which the artist has created in her own kitchen.  More about the Works.

The exhibition is subsidised by the Danish Arts Foundation