Cecilia Westerberg

Herbarium – A Conversation with Plants

25.09.20 – 22.11.20

Cecilia Westerberg’s exhibition, HerbariumA Conversation with Plants reflects the artist’s passion for plants, science and cultural history. In the summer of 2020, she moved into Augustiana’s artist’s residence and spent three days collecting plants from the art park and its vicinity. Flowers from the roadside play a particularly key role in this plant-based exhibition presented on the ground floor of the White Mansion. From here, there is an unrivalled view of the park and the fjord. This interaction between the artist’s poetic studies of the cultural, colouristic and medicinal properties of the plants and the architecture and location of Augustiana creates a beautiful visual story about, and with the plants.

The exhibition consists of an installation of colour samples extracted from the plants that Cecilia Westerberg found here, a collection of pressed plants and a number of prints with drawings.