Art Park and Art Gallery


Augustiana is an historical and architectural gem on the banks of Augustenborg Fjord with a long and varied history and an exciting future as an international art park and art gallery. The focus of the programme is professional contemporary art. Augustiana presents temporary exhibitions in the Art Gallery and a variety of art projects and events in the Art Park.

Opening Hours

Art Gallery: Closed for the winter. Reopens on February the 5th, 2022.
Tuesday-Sunday: 12.00 – 16.00. Closed on Mondays.

Art Park:
Open 24/7 all year

Admission Free


Søren Assenholt

05.02.22 – 08.05.22

Søren Assenholt uses wood and dug-up boulder clay as high-tech materials in his sculptural rebus Double Wishbone.

Søren Assenholt uses his interest in materiality to spotlight the ability to carry something until it breaks. He bases this on the engineering skills of professional racing sport, where performativity and flexibility are crucial.

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Lisbeth Eugenie Christensen

05.02.22 – 08.05.22

Lisbeth Eugenie Christensen
transforms the first floor of the White Mansion into a ‘cabinet of curiosities’, featuring a large collection of works on paper in all shapes and sizes. They are displayed in a kind of salon-style hang, which generously underscores the noble character and neoclassical style of the exhibition rooms. The neoclassicism is a consistent feature of the building’s architecture and particularly prominent in the richly decorated interior, characterised by white-painted panels, windows, doors and framed light.

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Experimente / Eksperimenter

Various artists

10.02.22 – 13.03.22

Experimente/Experiments is a Danish/German thematic exhibition, in which members of BBK Schleswig-Holstein and BKF Region of Southern Denmark had a stab at the title. A total of 59 artists submitted proposals for works. 15 artists were selected and will now present their ‘experiments’ in two exhibitions, which will run parallel to each other from 10 February to 13 March 2022. One exhibition will take place in the Red Mansion in Augustenborg; the other in the RADAR exhibition space in Multikulturhuset, Sønderborg.

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New Ceramic Sculptures in the Park

The artist duo Claydies have created three, new, ceramic ‘selfie’ objects for the Augustiana Art Park. They were accompanied by the exhibition En Claydies Affære (A Claydies Affair) in the White Mansion. The newl, selfie-inspired, outdoor works are based on the history of Augustiana, particularly the flamboyant princess and dowager duchess, Louisa Augusta, who lived in the White from 1815 to 1843.

These works by Claydies explore the ‘selfie’ concept and the relationship between viewer and work. Thereby, they spotlight the penchant for self-promotion and the Instagram culture of our time.

Come and visit the Art Park and take a selfie with one of the three ceramic sculptures!


The group of sculptures is the latest addition to the Art Park’s collection of artworks.

In early 2020, Mia Line exhibited her group of sculptures, Head Digger, Dusty, Musty, Musky at Augustiana Art Gallery. She has now recreated the three identical-looking Ibis birds in different poses in an outdoor, 3D-printed version.


There are several sculptures in the Augustiana Art Park. You can find their location on our map.

The park is open 24 hours a day and worth a visit at any time of the year. The spacious grounds, situated between the palace and the fjord, feature some distinctive works, rare trees and shrubs, and a breathtaking view of Augustenborg Fjord.

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History of Augustiana

Augustiana is situated in the beautiful mansions of Augustenborg Palace. The history and function of the mansions are inextricably linked to that of the palace.

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