Fie Norsker


25.09.20 – 22.11.20


Fie Norsker expresses herself with great intuition in a personal universe, where clashing figures and shapes become elements of a unified narrative. What fascinates her is the world that emerges when universality, spirituality and ritual encounter her own invented banal figures in the form of ghosts, bogeymen and animal-like creatures. Basically, Fie Norsker investigates certain human schisms: fundamental and universal, humour and seriousness, grotesque and beautiful, hope and despondency, and good and evil. In this universe, she creates utopian, disharmonious, inner landscapes, in which beauty and grotesqueness gel in humorous, aesthetic connection. Her contrived scenarios amount to an incessant, dreamy mantra that reflects human mania and longing.

At Augustiana, Fie Norsker presents both watercolours and ceramic objects. Part of the exhibition features a series of new watercolours, based on a collection of legends and stories from Augustenborg Parish, published by the local history archive.

This exhibition is funded by the Danish Arts Foundation