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Augustiana is an historical and architectural gem on the banks of Augustenborg Fjord with a long and varied history and an exciting future as an international art park and art gallery. The focus of the programme is professional contemporary art. Augustiana presents temporary exhibitions in the Art Gallery and a variety of art projects and events in the Art Park.

Opening Hours

Art Gallery:
Tuesday-Sunday: 12 am – 4 pm. Closed on Mondays

Art Park:
Open 24/7 all year

Admission Free

eat & becʘ̃me

Silas Inoue


In the exhibition eat & becʘ̃me, Silas Inoue displays series of sculptural works with the titles Future Friture, SymbioSoup and Infrastructure, where foodstuffs are employed to create new forms of expression; for example, yoghurt is devoured by moulds in one of his works, in another a jellyfish-like figure of sugar is immersed in frying oil. The exhibition also includes drawings which, by means of a more immediate and intuitive work method, freely imagine devouring and coming into being, seen in a utopic as well as dystopic glow.

About the Exhibition



A Photo-Documentary Exhibition About Danish-German Culture in 2020


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Reunification, the photographer Luca Berti went on a historical and artistic voyage of Southern Jutland. The results of this photographic journey are now presented in a photo-documentary exhibition in the White Mansion. The exhibition features 50 unique photographs and is part of Sønderborg’s official contribution to the anniversary of the Reunification.

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History of Augustiana

Augustiana is situated in the beautiful mansions of Augustenborg Palace. The history and function of the mansions are inextricably linked to that of the palace.

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