Mikkel Carl


A striking site-specific work in the Art Park


The internationally renowned visual artist, Mikkel Carl has created an instillation – I’ll Be Your Mirror – specially for Augustiana Art Park. As the title indicates, the work addresses the relationship between interior and exterior.

Put simply, it is about indoor space versus outdoor space – in other words, culture on the one hand and nature on the other. It is an issue that any park faces – particularly an art park – and is probably most clearly expressed in the pavilion – a type of architecture that is in essence open to its surroundings. The work is also about people’s inner life, their thoughts, feelings and dreams in relation to social relationships: a social construct that in itself consists of the interaction between people and, thus, their inner lives.
Mikkel Carl’s installation also features some allusions of a more local nature. The two intermeshed ¾ circles dislocate the infinity sign, which is the logo of Sønderborg Municipality. The installation in Augustiana Art Park, as it were, creates two openings, through which visitors can pass: a balance between interior and exterior that recurs right down to the brass handle on the garden door of the White Mansion.

The 2019-2021 art programme in the park is supported by Fabrikant Mads Clausens Fond.