Danish/German thematic exhibition

Experimente / Eksperimenter

10.02.22 – 13.03.22

GB: Experimente / Eksperimenter

10.02.22 – 13.03.22

Experimente/Experiments is a Danish/German thematic exhibition, in which members of BBK Schleswig-Holstein and BKF Region of Southern Denmark had a stab at the title. A total of 59 artists submitted proposals for works. 15 artists were selected and will now present their ‘experiments’ in two exhibitions, which will run parallel to each other from 10 February to 13 March 2022. One exhibition will take place in the Red Mansion in Augustenborg; the other in the RADAR exhibition space in Multikulturhuset, Sønderborg.

Experimente/Experiments is a vivid example of positive, cross-border collaboration between professional visual artists’ organisations. The exhibition was previously mounted in September/October 2021 at Brunswiker Pavillon in Kiel, Germany. The current presentation in Denmark selected new works from the material submitted by the artists. When curating the exhibition, the important factors were: an equal representation of Danish and German artists; experimental use of material or expression; and a juxtaposition of works, which would together provide a multifaceted picture of professional art in the border region.

The exhibition opens at 4.00 pm on 10 February in the Red Mansion and at 6.00 pm in RADAR.

10.02.22 – 13.03.22
Opening hours:
The Red Mansion tuesday-sunday, 12-16. RADAR has opening hours similar to Multikulturhuset.
Det Røde Palæ, Augustiana Kunstpark & Kunsthal, Palævej 10-14, 6440 Augustenborg & RADAR, Multikulturhuset, Nørre Havnegade 15, 6400 Sønderborg.
The Red Mansion: Jan Grollmuss & Anga Mamero (DE), Marlies Rzadkiewicz (DE), Ragnar Stefánson (DK), Lise Tuxen (DK), Nele Kathrin Köhler (DE), Birgit Bornemann (DE), Elmar Jacob (DE) & Gabriele Beismann (DK)
RADAR: Helle Koch (DK), Kate Skjerning (DK), Karen Kirstine Ballegaard (DK), Anne Straarup (DK), Lars Waldemar DK), Ute Diez (DE) og Inga Momsen (DE)
Free admission